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There are so many games in Steam, and you do not know what to play? Steam Game Gauntlet will help you with that. 8000+ games with purchase links, filters by date, developer, time and difficulty. Here you are finally able to find your perfect game or take a unique personal SGG challenge. Spin a wheel and expand your gaming horizons!

Release Date: ???

Publisher: ???

Developer: ???

Genre: ???

Category: ???

Translation: ???

Voiceover: ???

Sold on Steam: ??? copies

Duration: ??? hour(s)

Positive feedbacks: ??? out of 100(%)

Rating (MC/GameFAQs): ??? out of 100(%)

Difficulty: ???

Price: $??? USD

Full list

1. Grand Theft Auto

2. Alone in the Dark

3. Heli Heroes

4. Peggle Extreme

5. Overlord II

6. Journey of a Roach

7. Chowderchu

8. Luckslinger


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Now in database: 8213 game(s)

With information about owners: 7702 game(s)

With information about feedbacks: 7629 game(s)

With information about rating: 4108 game(s)

With information about duration: 4423 game(s)

With information about difficulty: 3631 game(s)

Last DB update: 25.05, 08:05:08



· Added translation and voiceover filters, and opportunity to choose games only from your library .

· Created the English version of the site.


· Because of too paranoid settings in mod_security, many of you have begun to experience problems with the filters work, so server configuration has been simplified.

· Uploaded data from SteamSpy. Added appropriate filters.


· Added filters, which exclude options from final search results.

· Added button for clarifying information about specific game (wrong rating, difficulty, description, etc)

· Added option for automatic filtering of bad games (ММО, Free games, Low rating, Micro transactions, Not enough data, Early access)

· Added a little bit of magic


SGG Rules

Q: What is this?
А: This is Steam Game Gauntlet. Personal challenge for passing games, available for purchase in Steam. They are chosen by random generator.

Q: What’s the difference from RGG?
А: Progress goes not from console to console, but basing on release date, starting from the earliest and till the latest.

Q: What is the minimal step between games?
А: For games, released earlier than 1995, you should choose 1980-1995. Starting from 1995 – minimal step is one year. In order to choose hardcore version of SGG 2016, you should complete about 23 games. For light version, with 5 years interval you need to beat about 6 games.

Q: Why there are filters here?
А: With filters everybody can make their challenge unique. For example, SGG only with bad/good games, SGG by favourite genres or publishers. You have just 5 dollars for a game? Not a problem, just choose the proper filter.

Q: Something else?
А: No, by everything else, SGG has absolutely the same rules as RGG.